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CNNMoney has just released it’s top 10 most valuable global brands list, and while a few of them aren’t surprising at all, some of them aren’t as expected. Well, for me, anyway.

Apple, Google and IBM take out the first three spots, which is to be expected, but Samsung doesn’t make the list. This surprises me because the last six months or so just about every business magazine I read talks about how Samsung is overtaking Apple in this market or that.

Microsoft, which has taken an absolute thrashing from Apple in recent years, comes in at 7th place. Although it slipped two places from last years list when it came in 5th, company shares recently reached their highest value since 2008, and its smartphone OS just took over Blackberry, so things could be looking up.

Food industry giants McDonald’s and Coca Cola take out spots 4 and 5. Coca Cola’s marketing and the fact that it has become an integral part of life in almost every country on earth makes its number 5 ranking expectable. Even when you take into account the ever increasing dialogue on the importance of healthy food, Coca Cola has diversified into «healthy beverage» options and have even joined the fight against obesity.

McDonald’s does surprise me, but realistically, it shouldn’t. Turns out the masses are rejecting healthier, premium line options, prefering to keep to the blocks of pure addictive sodium yet lower cost options. So, although international brand value does appear to be slipping slightly, the food is addictive and people are not going to stop buying it any time soon!

At 6th and 10th place are AT&T and China Mobile respectively. These brands are worth much more than their ranking suggests when you take into account the fact that AT&T as a brand only operates in the U.S. and selected territories, and China Mobile only operates in China, Hong Kong and Pakistan. All of the other brands on this list are recognised and operate worldwide, but not these two.

8th place was taken by Marlboro, which is interesting. I keep having to remind myself that the increasingly anti-smoking culture that I generally live in is not shared by most of the world!

And taking out 9th place is Visa. Don’t go anywhere without it. Visa’s brand value has increased 50% over the last year, which is huge. With the rapid development of entire regions like South America and Southeast Asia, it doesn’t look like its brand value is going to go down any time soon either.

Final Rankings with Brand Value:

1. Apple $185 billion
2. Google $114 billion
3. IBM $113 billion
4. McDonald’s $90 billion
5. Coca Cola $78 billion
6. AT&T $76 billion
7. Microsoft $70 billion
8. Marlboro $69 billion
9. Visa $56 billion
10. China Mobile $55 billion

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  1. It is weird that Samsung didn’t make it… But maybe not that weird, bearing in mind that they only made 20th in the Fortune «World’s Biggest Public Companies» List.

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