The VIPS Chain, from the Walmart Group of Mexico and Central America, Awarded by B.I.D

Rest-Vips-370x270In addition to being the largest restaurant chain in Mexico, this company has also managed to export their idea and gain unprecedented success in Madrid, Spain.

It’s called VIPS, the chain that belongs to the Walmart Group of Mexico and Central America. Since the group opened their first restaurant in 1964, VIPS has achieved 49 successful years of business in Madrid.

What’s more, the Walmart Group of Mexico and Central America owns a network of brands that offer much more than just restaurants. The business conglomerate boasts more than 2,101 retail establishments in Mexico and 621 in five countries throughout Central America – El salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Honduras.

Among the group’s most prestigious and popular brands are: the restaurant chains VIPS and El Portón; Walmart’s supermarket chain, hipermercados; and discount stores, Despensa Familiar, Bodega aurrera, Suburbia and Sam’s Club.

As the flagship brand of Mexico’s economy and society, VIPS Restaurants offer the largest variety of Mexican food suitable for all tastes and pockets.

Thanks to its daily effort in achieving quality, innovation and leadership, Restaurantes Vips was awarded the prestigious International Quality Crown Award in London, 2010. The event was sponsored by ImarPress and granted by the private and independent organization  Business Initiative Directions.

During the award ceremony, the president of B.I.D., Jose E. Prieto, pointed out the key qualities for which the Group received the award: efficiency and effectiveness in their operations; continuous improvement in their services; and above all, their commitment to clients and customers.