The InterContinental Hotel in Geneva, one of Switzerland’s Brightest Gems

Business Initiative DirectionsWith a population of nearly 200,000 inhabitants, Geneva is a bustling metropolis known for its hospitality, cosmopolitan atmosphere, and internationalism. It’s an oasis of opportunities.

Dubbed worldwide as the International Capital of Switzerland, Geneva holds the headquarters of numerous international organizations such as the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum.

The city’s original name, Geneve, is celtic and means estuary, where the river meets the sea.

For all of Geneva’s unique qualities mentioned above, Business Initiative Directions has chosen the city as the perfect place to hold one of its annual International Quality Conventions.

Imarpress, the convention’s sponsoring press agency, could not have chosen a better place to host the event than at the InterContinental Hotel in Geneva, giving the summit even more glamour and acclaim.

Located in the heart of a modern neighborhood which houses the most important international organizations, the InterContinental Hotel is near the emblematic United Nations building and just a ten-minute walk from the international airport and city-center. The modern Complex also offers a breathtaking and unforgettable view of Lake Léman and the Alps.

Moreover, the InterContinental of Geneva caters to every need of the organizers and attendees of conferences and congresses. The conference rooms are equipped with high-tech installations comprising 2,000 square meters of multi-functional space at the client’s fingertips.

Among some of the hotel’s installations are: a pool, fitness center, and various restaurants and cafés. The Hotel also offers a hydrotherapy area consisting of a spa and sauna.

What’s more, all the hotel rooms are spacious, fully-equipped and with WiFi connection.