Lean Manufacturing in a nutshell

What is it?

Lean manufacturing is a system that is focused on creating value for the customer by providing high quality products with zero defects.

Managers encourage and empower employees to eliminate waste, seek better solutions and solve problems on their own.

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Employee Engagement Tips

Employee engagement is key to total quality management. Keeping employees motivated is a hard task, however, and different for each company.

This video shows how to identify certain types of employees, such as the just hiredthe honeymooners, the hamsters & the crash and burners, and shows us ways of understanding how to get maximum contribution from each one, and maximum satisfaction.  Continue reading

3 Ways Nike Stays on Top


Fast Company recently named Nike as this year’s most innovative company. And we are hard-pressed to find a reason to disagree.

Since the inception of its Digital Sports Division three years ago, Nike has successfully made the transition from a sports apparel brand to a sports tech, and digital services provider as well.

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