Limkokwing University: eradicating poverty through tertiary education


Dr. Jayles Yeoh was convinced that without backing education his country wouldn’t get ahead. This idea led him to come up with a plan which he shared with several government leaders.

And his plan went into action. His proposal was so convincing that he was invited to set up campuses based on his program in Africa, Asia and Europe.

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16 Year-old Prodigy from Sierra Leone Dreams Big

Business Initiative Directions

Kelvin Doe from Sierra Leone is not your average 16 year-old.

His curiosity and endless need to fiddle with bits and pieces he finds on his way home from school have seen him create a one-man radio station in his capital city, Freetown. His vision is of a Freetown in which residents have more than one night of power per month, and he is working towards seeing it come true.

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Frankfurt, Germany’s Finance Capital, Next Stop for B.I.D. Convention

Frankfurt, known as the Bavarian Finance Capital, is a modern, cosmopolitan and welcoming city that has managed to both conserve its traditions and open its door to a cutting-edge business world.

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Toyota’s Core Principles: ‘Total Participation’ & ‘Employee Engagement’

The aim of TQM is to obtain zero defects. The larger the company, however, the more difficult it is to pin-point glitches in the production system. Why is it, then, that the overriding lower-level employees have the least say in the company’s management, when they’re the most likely to spot a problem?

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3 Ways Nike Stays on Top


Fast Company recently named Nike as this year’s most innovative company. And we are hard-pressed to find a reason to disagree.

Since the inception of its Digital Sports Division three years ago, Nike has successfully made the transition from a sports apparel brand to a sports tech, and digital services provider as well.

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