Tanzanian Law Firm, Mkono & Co


Mkono & Co is one of East-Africa’s top law firms. The Firm’s commitment to its clients, the community and overall excellence have made it an admirable example to follow and a winner of several Quality Awards from B.I.D. over the years.

Founded over 40 years ago by Hon. Nimrod E. Mkono, the firm has been ranked as Tier One by Chambers Global for over ten years. Several of the team are considered to be the best in their respective fields in the region.

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Russia’s Top Antivirus Service, Kaspersky, Gains Global Success

Business Initiative DirectionsIt’s common knowledge that the internet has made our lives easier. Smartphones and cloud technologies have ensured that at any one time, up to a billion people are connected to the internet. What’s more, each of these users has the potential to share, store and send information as they please.

However, the convenience of unprecedented access to information does not come without its downsides. Viruses and hackers are just two examples of how the internet has introduced new threats into our everyday lives, that we are usually unaware of until it’s too late.

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Rafael Nadal, the perfect example of quality endorsement in sports and humanity

Business Initiative DIrectionsEveryone’s fighting over him – the biggest companies, the most prestigious brands and the greatest business empires in the world. His image transmits confidence, trustworthiness, optimism, seriousness and quality.

What’s more, he has become one of the greatest sports legends and tennis champs of all time.

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