Business Initiative Directions Leadership Series: Sir Emeka Offor

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Sir Emeka Offor (right) and Commercial Director  Marc Robillard with the Arch of Europe Award

Founder and Executive Vice Chairman of Business Initiative Directions Award Winner Chrome Group Sir Emeka Offor  recently agreed to an exclusive and rare interview with the African Leadership Magazine, in which he provides an inside look at his personality and drive to not only achieve his personal goals, but also his desire to contribute to the development of his nation.

Although he refuses to describe himself as nothing more than the son of a policeman, his character in the pursuit of excellence is clear throughout the interview, as he describes his journey so far and future goals.

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Xavier Niel: the Steve Jobs of France

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Who is Xavier Niel? 

Born in 1967, France, at age 45 Xavier already has a net worth of $6.6 billion.

According to some, Xavier Niel is the Steve Jobs of France — a self-made businessman, entrepreneur and visionary who has managed to gain a fortune through various business ventures. His industry is in telecommunications and technology. Continue reading

Business Initiative Directions Leadership Series

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We at Business Initiative Directions are excited to start our series on outstanding leaders in the business world.

Follow us as we follow the movers and the shakers, people who have changed the game to impact not only business but also the world:

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