Universities of the World: MIT

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is known the world over for being a first-class technology, engineering, and science university. Its academic programs are universally regarded as some of the best in the world, and in this past year, QS ranked MIT number one on their world university rankings.

Located just up the street from Harvard, MIT has a knack for taking on fun and interesting projects, like a smartphone controlled robot that functions as a bartender and a robot that assembles Ikea furniture.

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Near East University Hospital takes country by storm, benefiting both Cypriots and Tourists


On Sunday, Near East University was honored with one of the highest honors in the international world of quality, the Business Initiative Directions 2013 International Arch of Europe Award, a Quality Award comparable to the Baldrige in the United States or the Deming in Japan.

Dr. Irfan Günsel. Chairman of the Board of Trustees received the Award in Frankfurt from the President of Business Initiative Directions, Mr. Jose E. Prieto, accompanied by two other distinguished members of the Board, Mr. Ahmet Cagman and Mr. Ahmet Savasan.

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Variant, the Icelandic engineering company, awarded for innovation by B.I.D.

business initiative directions

Business Initiative Directions held The Arch of Europe Award (IAE) convention on Sunday, April 28th, 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany. The event was a night full of surprises and good news — a soiree which more than 70 companies will hold forever.

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Imparpress gives live coverage of the International Arch of Europe Award presented by Business Initiative Directions in Frankfurt

business initiative directions

The International Arch of Europe Award 2013 took place in the InterContinental Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany on April 27th and 28th. The Spanish press agency, Imapress, covered the event which was held by Business Initiative Directions.

84 companies attended the event representing over 70 countries. Thanks to Imarpess, awarded companies will be able to hold onto the memory of their achievement from this past weekend with an array of media including magazines, press releases and video interviews. Continue reading

200 guests attend the welcoming reception of International Arch of Europe Award

The weekend of April 27th-28th marked the twenty-sixth International Arch of Europe Award. Held by Business Initiative Directions in the InterContinental Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany, the event brought together representatives of 84 companies representing over 70 countries.

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