Toyota Quality Management Series


Toyota has been a pioneer in the automotive industry for over half a century.

It is also the forerunner in many of todays Total Quality Management theories and practices.

This series explores the concept of quality at Toyota:

– Toyota’s Quality Tool: 5S

– Think lean, like Toyota: A3, PDCA & Problem-Solving

– The Toyota Way: Interview with Quality Engineer

– Toyota’s Core Principles: Kaizen

– Toyota’s Core Pinciples: Customer First

– Toyota’s Core Principles: ‘Total Participation’ & ‘Employee Engagement’

– The Toyota Way

– Toyota Production System (TPS)

– Toyota Motors: The King of Total Quality Management

Paris to Host 2013 ISLQ Award

Business Initiative Directions

What a fantastic setting for an illuminating event. The emblematic city: Paris; the incomparable brand: the Concorde La Fayette at the Palais de Congrès; the prestigious event: The ISLQ Convention.

The atmosphere couldn’t be more ideal to live an emotional high during the 2013 ISLQ Award presentation gala, to take place July 1st in the City of Lights.

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State-of-the-art Trophies: Companies Awarded by B.I.D.

Business Initiative Directions

Businesses around the world take pride in holding the precious treasure that is the the Award granted by Business Initiative Direction (B.I.D.) for Quality Management.

One of the trophies was created by the one of the greatest scholars in European art, Ignacio Asenjo, a prestigious artist, writer and professor with a PhD in contemporary art.

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