State-of-the-art Trophies: Companies Awarded by B.I.D.

Business Initiative Directions

Businesses around the world take pride in holding the precious treasure that is the the Award granted by Business Initiative Direction (B.I.D.) for Quality Management.

One of the trophies was created by the one of the greatest scholars in European art, Ignacio Asenjo, a prestigious artist, writer and professor with a PhD in contemporary art.

The trophies’ materials and finishings are treated with the latest technology and, thanks to the artist’s inspiration, they are pieces that have a great value for exhibition.

B.I.D. boasts an ample art collection with artistic backgrounds ranging from different trends, although the main pieces are based on the art trends of the centuries XIX, XX and XXI.

The spirit of the business is to the use this art as a vehicle for communication. For this reason, B.I.D. holds trophies that are true works of art, created by highly talented artists.

Commitment to Quality Certificate

During every one of the International Conventions held by Business Initiative Directions, the awarded companies receive a certificate stating their Commitment to Quality. With this certificate, companies accept the responsibility to act in compliance with the highest international standards.

The certificate represents the respect for the environment, the communities that the companies operate in and the constant listening to the clients’ needs.

The document also leads the company to take care of other fundamental aspects such as: the attention to complaints; after-sales services; the continuity of the company; cost reduction; and consideration of competitive prices.

The signature of the president of B.I.D, Jose E. Prieto, demonstrates the authenticity of the Quality Award, and commitment to following the norms of the QC100 Model.