Robintex from Bangladesh, B.I.D. Award winner for Quality in Fabric Production

Business Initiative Directions

With a production capacity of almost 25,000 items of clothing per day and the challenge of achieving 36 million export pieces each year, this company has been appropriately dubbed the Zara of India.

It is one of the most prestigious companies in the Asian textile market and, furthermore, has been one of the industry leaders in growth over the last few years. We’re referring to Robintex, a Bangladeshi business that boasts 7500 employees.

Among its most select clients are Celio, Puma, H&M, Tesco, Eurocenter and Wal-Mart.

And its products are a triumph in the market. Robintex produces countless knits including single and double jersey, ribbed, elastane, interlock piqué, bamboo, striped and thick terry cloth, mixing fabrics such as cotton, polyester, viscose, and so on to meet client needs.

The company is highly involved in the pursuit of quality. Each year it carries out independent audits to ensure the highest standards of product, process and safety are met.

Thanks to these efforts, Robintex was chosen to receive the Century International Quality ERA Award from Business Initiative Directions in Geneva this past weekend.