Polet Airlines, the aircrafts that can transport other aircrafts


A space rocket is not exactly something you can put in your backpack to move it from the factory to the takeoff base.

Have you ever thought about how these huge machines are conveyed? There is an airline that has a special license for this kind of operations. And its fleet is particularly impressive.

Russia-based company Polet Airlines specializes in cargo charter services throughout seven countries. It is the only operator authorised by the Russian Space Agency for satellite and rocket transport.

Its main clients are the European Space Agency, the Rosaviakosmos Agency and the Russian Space Corporation. Furthermore, it provides a service to Rolls-Royce, the EU Aeronautical Defence and Lufthansa, among other big names.


In 2003 they had the honor of carrying the famous ‘Smart 1’ satellite which orbited around the moon for three years. This Swedish-design probe was propelled from the Kourou Space Center in French Guiana.

But even more amazing is that the airline carries client’s aircrafts inside its charter planes. In 2001 the surveillance plane Lockheed Martin EP-3 was transported from China to the United States.

A Russian company serving the United States was considered a significant diplomatic achievement at the time. The operation was a huge success and Polet Airlines was congratulated for its professionalism.

Speaking about Polet Airlines is speaking about first class service.

Business Initiative Directions has awarded this commitment to customer service in many occasions, including in London in 2007, when it presented Polet Airlines with the International Quality Crown Award. Rest assured that the world’s wheels will keep on turning as long as these excellent standards are maintained.