Olympic Grupo from Angola expands its services after receiving Business Initiative Directions award


Facing adversity, courage, risk…

Olympic Grupo,  a manufacturing company based in Angola, faces the world crisis with a bold plan by increasing its services.

Specialized in the manufacturing of construction materials, the company has recently started to produce tubes with the aim of supplying to the local market.

Currently, their factory has an installed capacity of 3 million tubes per year, the equivalent of 12,000 tons.

This will be the first time the company produces materials of this kind since they launched in October 1999. Since operations began, they have invested more than $1 million in infrasturcture and machinery.

Created on August 21st, 1997, today the company boasts 70 employees, of which only five are foreign. Their main activity is in manufacturing galvanized sheet rolls and producing tiles, as well as the import of steel beams to be applied to different types of construction.

The current general director of the company is Ali Anis Safa.

This great company, with an athletic name and philosophy, has opened up new market niches and improved its productivity since they received the Quality Award in Geneva, 2013, presented by Business Initiative Directions, also known as the Century International Quality Era Award Geneva 2013.