Near East University Hospital takes country by storm, benefiting both Cypriots and Tourists


On Sunday, Near East University was honored with one of the highest honors in the international world of quality, the Business Initiative Directions 2013 International Arch of Europe Award, a Quality Award comparable to the Baldrige in the United States or the Deming in Japan.

Dr. Irfan Günsel. Chairman of the Board of Trustees received the Award in Frankfurt from the President of Business Initiative Directions, Mr. Jose E. Prieto, accompanied by two other distinguished members of the Board, Mr. Ahmet Cagman and Mr. Ahmet Savasan.

As released in a Press conference from Germany earlier this week, Near East University Hospital has some serious bragging rights in the medical world at the moment.

Not only does the University hospital now feature the latest in radiotherapy, they are also at the forefront in technology in their cardiology department.

With a pro-staff that incorporates 12 specialists, by pass operations are now being performed without opening the thoracic cage. The University Hospital has also become known for other delicate procedures, including angiography operations, stunt replacements, as well as replacement of cardiac valves and the treatment of cardiac holes.

In its past 3 years of operation alone, Near East University Hospital can be attributed to for the leaps and bounds made in advancements in the country’s health sector, of huge importance to North Cyprus.

Yet its innovations also benefit foreigners- developing heath coverage for tourists in collaboration with tour operators.

It’s no wonder Near East University then takes home the  2013 International Arch of Quality. But it takes home something else. Inspiration to adhere to quality practices. Not just for it’s 21,000 odd currently enrolled students and 1,000 medical students, but to the country.