Janus Services: quality food products for a continent in a surge of growth


“Miracles”, “the boom of this generation”, “new opportunities”: Spring is set to bring a lot of good news from the African Continent. The region that many have given up on is finally realising well deserved growth rates after a century of economic difficulties.

But nations can’t flourish on interior products alone. The Economist points out in its article Growth and other good things that Africa’s development can also be measured in indices that aren’t exclusively based on the production of goods. Dutch company Janus Services, awarded this year in Geneva by Business Initiative Directions, has much to say on the matter.

The International Monetary Fund has predicted that Sub Saharan Africa will replace Asia as the fastest growing region over the coming decade. The region is made up of five countries: South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Ghana and Ethiopia.


The effective exploitation of natural resources and a trending transition towards democratic politics have resulted in the region growing 5.4% so far this year.

There is no doubt that Africa is far from being a utopia just yet. But it is worth thinking about how the sudden boom in monetary value is affecting the quality of life.

Janus Services has wagered for a quality consumable products in West Africa since 1996. Core to its business plan is the guarantee of quality standards that bring human development along with economic development. Operating through various brand names such as Punta Cana and Lindo, the company has placed its products in the highest category of quality. Its most effective method: investing in innovation.

Janus Services products fulfill ISO standards which guarantee hygiene in packaging, which in turn has repercussions in consumer health. As The Economist confirms, Africa is getting healthier, and it is because of such products, among other factors.

The Dutch company received its prize during a ceremony in Geneva in March this year. The Business Initiative Directions Century International Quality ERA Convention brings together companies that keep the concept of quality management at the centre of all their projects and processes.



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  1. Can we start to see light at the end of the tunnel as far as Africa is concerned? I’d like to think so… Let’s hope Janus is not the only big company that beleives in the idea.

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