INTER: Speed as a Central Focus of a Business Plan


Inter provides the fastest internet in Venezuela. It is so fast that they even shortened the name, it was formerly called Intercable.

However, urgency isn’t the only reason it has become the nation’s second largest network provider. Inter’s success is also thanks to good ideas, hard work and a very user friendly approach.Intercable was born as a telephone services provider  in 1996, in the city of Barquisimeto.

By 2006 the company had already diversified extensively, offering cable television, internet access and more advancesd telephone services. Over time, Intercable became the largest company in its sector in large part due to its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advances.

The company is very clear in the idea that to achieve an effective communication service, continuous modernization is important. And so, it has built a 14,000 km fiber-optic network, serving to more than 70 cities and over 1.2 million families.

It has also been a pioneer in television, introducing digital cable TV in 2002 and digital satellite television in 2012. With the launch of these two proposals the idea of ​​interactive television was materialized.

Inter customer services offer features such as parental control. The user can also select schedule, create reminders, anticipate recordings and be partakers of high definition viewing. A good user experience: check!

Following this path, it is not surprising that the company won the BID International Star Award for Quality in Paris. Time is worth gold and projects like this are a mine for the quality of our lives.