Galadari Brothers’ Dubai-Tokyo Alliance

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Dubai’s population is 70% non-emirate, making it the most cosmopolitan city in the Persian Gulf. A trait like this goes a long way in business.

The Galadari Brothers sets an example for doing business in a city as diverse as Dubai, as they are a large business group standing out for their strong international relationships in foreign affairs, particularly in Japan.

Founded in 1961 by Mr Abdul Rahim E Galadari and Mr. Abdul Latif E Galadari, Galadari Brothers is one of the leading business groups in the United Arab Emirates. What started out as a small showroom in Dubai has turned into a great network of establishments and suppliers of services in the country.

Their business portfolio includes automobiles, industrial trade, communication & media, wholesale, engineering, hotel & restaurant, real estate and tourism.

Their business philosophy focuses on establishing ties both inside and outside of the Emirates, taking advantage of their unique geographic position as well as the international character of the city of Dubai in which they operate.

One of their transcontinental projects at present is the business association that they have maintained with the Japanese company Mazda for more than 40 years, in the distribution of their products.

This link with Japan was recognized in January 2013 in an honorary event in which Mr. Moro Masahiro, Executive Director of Mazda Motor Corporation, recognized the success of this business association based on commitment and shared interests.

The second great collaboration for Galadari has been being developed for over 30 years with Komatsu Ltd. This machine manufacturer for construction and mining has trusted Galardi as their exclusive supplier in the United Arab Emirates.

The ability to do business beyond borders is a characteristic that distinguishes leading world companies.  Business Initiative Directions awarded the Galadari Brothers in New York in 2010 for their excellence with which they have carried out their operations both locally and globally.

The Gold Quality Summit Award is presented to companies that meet the highest standards of innovation and quality established by the QC100 Model.