Francis, not Francis I

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Last night, the worldwide media was divided on one theme. Not in particular regards to Jorge Mario Bergoglio himself, but whether or not to add the roman numeral I to the end of his name.

As always, the Vatican promptly saw to clarifying the confusion, announcing that the new Pope is Francis, not Francis I, as the majority of media had been incorrectly naming him in the hours following his election.

When Cardinal Jean-Louise Touran announced the identity and name of the new pontiff, he only called him Francis, without including the numeral. Officially, as per Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi, he will be known as Pope Francis.

Franciscum, the latin version of the name, has been on the Vatican’s official website since moments after the announcement. In this way, the Church maintains the custom in which the first pope to use a name does not use the added Roman numeral.

He will only become Francis I once a future pope chooses to be named Francis II.

However, there is one exception to this rule. John Paul I who was called such during his time as pope, despite being the first bearer of the name.