The Theil Fellowship: 20 under 20

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Silicon Valley juggernaut Peter Theil challenges the idea of education at its core, and questions the value of young people putting themselves into years of debt before starting on disruptive new projects. He argues that the time spent in college could be far more productive and a truly groundbreaking ideas are not dependent on a college education.

The same man points out that the Apple iPhone is not disruptive when compared to moon landings, for example. Theil’s dispair at the lack of original and truly disruptive innovation pushed him to start the 20 under 20 Fellowships.

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The death of Alfredo Landa revives «landismo» in Spain


139 films and one Palme d’Or in Cannes…

His life has been summed up in one sentence and his achievements in less than a paragraph. Of course epitaphs are never right. But this one is the least: «Goodbye forever, master landa!»

The death of Alfredo Landa at 80 years-old in Madrid has tainted the Spanish stage. Continue reading

114 Billionaires in the Giving Pledge Group

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According to, 11 new billionaries have made the giving pledge, marking 114 in total. Although the group was orignally founded for the wealthiest Americans, it’s now gone international. Two of the new signers are not from the U.S. — Lord Ashcroft, of the U.K., and Samuel Yin, of Taiwan.

Founded in 2010 by three billionaires — Bill and Melinda Gates, and Warren Buffet — the Giving Pledge is a commitment among the world’s richest individuals and families to give over half of their wealth to charitable causes. By joining together as a group, these money-giants exchange ideas and expose their efforts in a platform where they can help each other use their money for the greater good. And it’s working. Continue reading

Xavier Niel: the Steve Jobs of France

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Who is Xavier Niel? 

Born in 1967, France, at age 45 Xavier already has a net worth of $6.6 billion.

According to some, Xavier Niel is the Steve Jobs of France — a self-made businessman, entrepreneur and visionary who has managed to gain a fortune through various business ventures. His industry is in telecommunications and technology. Continue reading

Near East University Hospital takes country by storm, benefiting both Cypriots and Tourists


On Sunday, Near East University was honored with one of the highest honors in the international world of quality, the Business Initiative Directions 2013 International Arch of Europe Award, a Quality Award comparable to the Baldrige in the United States or the Deming in Japan.

Dr. Irfan Günsel. Chairman of the Board of Trustees received the Award in Frankfurt from the President of Business Initiative Directions, Mr. Jose E. Prieto, accompanied by two other distinguished members of the Board, Mr. Ahmet Cagman and Mr. Ahmet Savasan.

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