Microsoft starts Crowdfunding Initiative for Student PCs

Business Initiative Directions

Over the last year or so, crowdfunding has taken off. It started with websites like – where creative projects are pitched to the public, who in turn is able to help fund part of the venture.

The concept has spread to other arenas, such as micro-financing through, or fundraising community projects through the likes of It can even be used to fund a wedding on, or just about anything else, for that matter.

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BP Oil: How to Recover from Disaster- Answer 4


Engage in Social Corporate Responsibility

BP has recently taken on much more corporate social responsibility, especially when it comes to the restoration of the Gulf Coast region.

BP took responsibility for its role in the disaster and shortly after the spill it began working with State and Federal trustees through the Natural Resource Damage Assessment to find the long term effects on the environment as a result of the spill.  This information has now been used to find early and long term restoration projects. Continue reading

Hong Yuen Electronics Ltd., the electronic organs manufacturer in Hong Kong

Printed Circuit BoardWould you know how to define what’s in the image above?

It could be the version of Google Earth of the 22nd century, or a cutting-edge art sculpture, but it’s not. The photo pertains to a particular object that we’ll reveal by the end of this article. Continue reading

BP Oil: How to Recover from Disaster- Answer 3


Create a New Company Culture

Perhaps the most effective way BP has recovered is establishing a new culture revolving around the central tenet of safety.  BP has implemented new, central values (safety, respect, courage, excellence, and one team) that are crucial to explaining the companys new ideology.

It has instilled these values by embedding them within the company´s processes via training, promotion, hiring etc. Continue reading

BP Oil: How to recover from Disaster- Answer 2

Self_verification_SOR_audit_375xDevelop a Safety and Operations Risk Function

BP created a Safety and Operations Risk function (S&OR) that could quantify that amount of risk that the company was taking throughout its operations.  The function sets clear requirements, maintains and independent view of operating risk, provides deep technical support for the operating business, and intervenes when necessary to cause corrective action. Continue reading