Carlos Arroyo of Wal-Mex among the most influential thirty-something entrepeneurs in Mexico


Being thirty, and having more than 19,000 employees in your charge is not easy. But Carlos Arroyo, Vice-President of  Vips and El Porton of Wal-Mart Central America makes it look like child’s play.

Expansion magazine featured Arroyo in its April edition to honor 30 people set to shape Mexico in the coming years. If anything, there is no doubt that this young entrepreneur has already influenced the present.

Carlos Arroyo started his professional career when he was 14, combining work with studies. In 2004, he joined Wal-Mart and thanks to his efficient work he now runs 365 VIPS and El Porton restaurants.

His career strategy aims to make the restaurant business an attractive opportunity for big investors. VIPS restaurants are becoming a great business opportunity with the development of its new and attractive image.

His attitude is the one of a great leader: he does not fear the future but he learns from past mistakes. He even speaks humbly of some of the slip ups of his early days in the CNN feature piece.

Other great Promising thirty-somethings  that appear next to Vice President Arroyo are Carlos Carriedo, American Express Corporate Card Vice-President, and Anasofia Sanchez Juarez, Director of Business for Facebook Mexico. They all share a real courage in stepping up to challenging projects that are usually only directed by people with longer careers.

Business Initiative Directions recognised the value of VIPS Wal-Mart Central America in 2010, supporting excellence with the International Quality Crown Award in London. In 2012 this company remains an example of innovation, leadership and business excellence.