Business Initiative Directions Sponsors Gymkhana Mitológica «Madrid, Capital del Mito»


On the 18th May, Madrid’s Parque del Buen Retiro will return to the beginning of civilisation. It will be a journey into the past, to the world of minotours and mystical beings; an escapade to Ithaca, hand in hand with an imagined Penelope.

From midday on the 18th of May, secondary students from all over the Spanish captial will take part in II Gymkhana Mitológica «Madrid, Capital del Mito»  an orienteering-meets-obstacle-course-type competition to challenge both body and mind.

The initiative is organised by the Madrileñan Association of Greek, Latin and Classical Studies Teachers. It is backed by the Spanish Society of Classical Studies, and sponsored by Business Initiative Directions and El Corte Inglés along with other distinguished companies.

B.I.D. regularly supports initiatives in the world of education and in particular the promotion of classical culture, the pillar of modern society and central to the history of humanity.

In this, the second installment of the Gymkhana, the theme will be The Odyssey. Each of the students will have to face various challenges which will test their knowledge of classical culture and the application of the qualities that Odysseus himself embodied — guile, versatility and cunning intelligence.

Registration costs one euro per student and closes on the 30th of April. Teams who wish to compete can request a registration form from to be completed and returned.

For more information, see the Madrid, Capital del Mito blog.