Business Initiative Directions Leadership Series: Sir Emeka Offor

Business Initiative Directions

Sir Emeka Offor (right) and Commercial Director  Marc Robillard with the Arch of Europe Award

Founder and Executive Vice Chairman of Business Initiative Directions Award Winner Chrome Group Sir Emeka Offor  recently agreed to an exclusive and rare interview with the African Leadership Magazine, in which he provides an inside look at his personality and drive to not only achieve his personal goals, but also his desire to contribute to the development of his nation.

Although he refuses to describe himself as nothing more than the son of a policeman, his character in the pursuit of excellence is clear throughout the interview, as he describes his journey so far and future goals.

Chrome Group Nigeria is a multi-billion dollar conglomerate primarily operating in the bio fuel and petroleum trading industry, but in recent years it has also branched into other industries such as logistics, insurance and dredging. At the helm with the determination and drive that are only found in the most influential and successful leaders, Offor.

The Group has become one of the largest employers in Nigeria, playing a key role in the up-skilling of the population and the kind of economic development that has resulted in Nigeria becoming one of the N-11 emerging economic powers.

Perhaps the most striking of Sir Emeka’s traits is his positivity and confidence in his people and his country. Where others see failures and a system that doesn’t seem to deserve the effort, he sees opportunity, full of entrepreneurial spirit and the kind of confidence in others that inspires them to offer their very best:

«…the dire situation of things has, paradoxically, brought us to a unique place of opportunity as a nation.It has produced an army of young men and women eager to prove themselves. We believe that if their «hunger» and ambition can be channelled into positive, profitable enterprise, the youth of our great nation can and will deliver this great nation…»

With this vision and the successes achieved already, it’s hard not to believe he will reach all his goals.

Chrome Group was awarded with the International Arch of Europe Award in Frankfurt last month.

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