Barajas Airport: Happy 80th Birthday! from BID

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 It seems young! But it’s not.

Barajas Airport is turning 80 with 45 million travellers a year, 200 destinations and 65 countries to fly to.

For statistics lovers, although the offical inauguration of Barajas happened on April 30th 1931, commerical operations didn’t begin until two years later.

More specifically, on May 15th 1933, a trimotor (an aircraft powered by three piston engines) Fokker VII/3M landed from the company Líneas Aéreas Postales Españolas (LAPE), later named Iberia. It was a historic success that made way for this important communications hub located in the outskirts of the Spanish capital.

Then came flights to Seville for 125 pesetas (0.75€) and to Barcelona for 150 pesetas (0.90€). Although it cost lest than one Euro, it was a fortune at the hard economic times. The most interesting part is that the first commercial airplanes only had a capacity of 8 passengers.

The outcome of these eight decades is really spectacular: more than 900 millon travellers have passed through our installations and almost 10.65 million flights from the control tower. Madrid-Barajas has turned into one of the most important airports in the world in terms of traffic of passengers and aircraft.

Nowadays, through the opening of the macro-building of Terminal 4 (T4), Barajas is a moden complex adapted to the 21st Century.