About us

The Quality Blog is Business Initiative Directions’ main way of showing who we are and what we do. Although we have various social media pages, websites and print publications, our blog is the most constantly updated, accessible and of interest to our clients.

Business Initiative Directions is a Madrid-based business consultancy that rewards companies around the world for their commitment to Quality Management.

With annual Quality Summits in London, Paris, New York, Frankfurt and Geneva, Business Initiative Directions has been involved in the world of Quality since 1986 and has awarded companies from 178 countries.

Companies from an average of 45 different countries attend each Quality convention. We hope to capture the key moments of the events and give brief descriptions of some of the most admired awardees.

The Quality Blog is slo aimed at spreading knowledge of Quality Culture to both our clients and anyone interested in the subject.

A wide variety of current topics fall into the category of Quality such as leadership, excellence, technological innovation, operations management and education. The versatility of Quality Culture gives our writers a great amount of freedom in choosing news items.

We thank our contributing writers for their research, initiative, curiosity and skill in finding relevant topics and communicating them effectively.