16 Year-old Prodigy from Sierra Leone Dreams Big

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Kelvin Doe from Sierra Leone is not your average 16 year-old.

His curiosity and endless need to fiddle with bits and pieces he finds on his way home from school have seen him create a one-man radio station in his capital city, Freetown. His vision is of a Freetown in which residents have more than one night of power per month, and he is working towards seeing it come true.

When he was just 11 years old, he started collecting metal and electronic scraps, from which he started creating mini-generators. Five years later, he had mustered up everything he needed to create his radio station, from which he broadcasts to his neighbours as DJ Focus.

Last summer, he left Sierra Leone for the first time to spend three weeks at MIT as the university’s youngest ever «visiting practitioner» and is set for a guest presentation at Harvard School of Engineering. He has spoken at TEDxTeen and a short documentary about him on YouTube has had more views than both of Obama’s acceptance speeches put together.

His current project focuses on building a windmill, aiming to eventually supply power to his community in Freetown. He  dreams of helping to improve life throughout Sierra Leone. “I love my country,” he says. “I love my people.”

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