150 years in electrical engineering with an Italian heart from the Ansaldo Energy Company


Talking about Ansaldo Energy means talking about the history of Italy. The company has operated throughout several time periods since the industrial revolution as well as participated in the modern innovations of nuclear energy and renewable energy.

Ansaldo has a long history of efficiency, felixibility and excellence in customer relations which has made them competitive in international markets and what they call «energy with an Italian heart». It’s also a history that brought them to stand out in April of 2008 with the International Star for Leadership in Quality Award, presented by Business Initiative Directions.

Ansaldo Energy is the oldest Italian company supplying energy systems and components, as well as the oldest Italian producer of thermoelectric systems. Their contract agreements are varied and they cater to the needs of their clients: co-design of energety plants (started by locating them), project management, turbine and generator construction, manufacturing of parts and maintenance suppliers among others. They have a staff of 2,700 employees.

Ansaldo belongs to Finmeccanica S.A., a first-line company in aerospace technology, electronic defense and security worldwide, employeeing over 60,7000 people.

But the story started more than 150 years ago. In 1853 Ansaldo started on a course that adapted to its time: during the industrial revolution they manufactured generators, forms of transport, steam plants, energy generators as well as gas boilers and turbines.

Its diverse portfolio led to the establishing of several business divisions: Ansaldo Thomassen for high-performance gas turbines, Ansaldo NucleareAnsaldo Electric Drives and Ansaldo Swiss for the maintenance of steam turbines.

Afterwards, the company also played a strategic role in the field of rewenable energy.

The company’s success is based on its capacity to problem solve. The Italian touch provides an efficiency both generates profit and satisfies customers: a human relationship where you listen to each other, understand each other and actions are taken offering solutions with excellent standards.