Variant, the Icelandic engineering company, awarded for innovation by B.I.D.

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Business Initiative Directions held The Arch of Europe Award (IAE) convention on Sunday, April 28th, 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany. The event was a night full of surprises and good news — a soiree which more than 70 companies will hold forever.

The convention illustrated that the business world is a global village striving for continuous improvement and change for the better. Several of the awarded companies made clear statements on their commitment and aim for self-improvement, such as the case of Variant. 

Variant Pvt. is an Icelandic engineering studio owned by Peter Bragason, specialized in the construction of large-scale projects. Headquartered in Norway, the 5-year-old company works mainly in the cities of Stavanger and Bergen.

At present, Variant’s most ambitious project is in collaboration with other companies to construct the Media City Bergen (MCB), a multifuncional complex of 45,000 square-meters on the coast of Norway. The cost of this macro-project exceeds 40,000 million Euros and it is estimated to be finished by 2016.

This monumental work is meant to be a meeting point for innovation and knowledge in international media. Under its roof, the building will bring together various television channels, newspapers, technological media suppliers, as well as university and research spaces.

Currently, Variant Pvt. is also working on another major project, the Hå Kommuneen Stavanger, a unique primary school that will be built in the municipality of Há, at 40km from the city of Stavanger.

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