Business Initiative Directions Leadership Series

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We at Business Initiative Directions are excited to start our series on outstanding leaders in the business world.

Follow us as we follow the movers and the shakers, people who have changed the game to impact not only business but also the world:

– Leadership Series: Mario Draghi, The Man who Saved the Euro

– Business Initiative Directions Leadership Series: Farit Sahenk


Business Initiative Directions International Quality Summit

We’re really excited to release this video today in preparation for the B.I.D. International Quality Summit in New York, May 26-28 this year.

The New York Summit is most definitely a highlight of our year, right in the hustle and bustle of Time Square with some of most influential business leaders from around the world sharing their knowledge and experience on quality processes and management.

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5 Interesting Popes throughout History

Business Initiative Directions

Because we’re all about the Holy Father this week, here are some characters from history. This is a interesting guide for your culture.

The first pope and founder of the Roman Catholic Church. He held the role as pontificate from AD 33-64/67 and was appointed by Christ when he gave him the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven (Matt 16:18-19).
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10 Things we Know about Pope Francis

Business Initiative Directions

The man looked a little startled last night as he stepped out to greet his most devout followers in St Peter’s square, but Pope Francis seems like a normal guy.

He refused to be elevated above the cardinals when addressing the crowd, and also broke with tradition by asking the multitudes to pray for him before blessing them.

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5 Things the Pope Wears and What they Mean

Business Initiative Directions

The Catholic church is one full of long held traditions. As an outsider attending a mass recently, I was struck by the simplicity and beauty of the rituals and prayers.

The Pope is a man surrounded by ritual, and I’ve always wondered about the symbolism of his various vestments and accessories. So here are 5 for those who are also curious.

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