Galadari Brothers’ Dubai-Tokyo Alliance

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Dubai’s population is 70% non-emirate, making it the most cosmopolitan city in the Persian Gulf. A trait like this goes a long way in business.

The Galadari Brothers sets an example for doing business in a city as diverse as Dubai, as they are a large business group standing out for their strong international relationships in foreign affairs, particularly in Japan. Continue reading

Small Businesses in Spain and Italy need to stay alive

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For most small business in the world today, times are rough. Almost everybody prefers to shop at the big supermarkets and can’t tell the difference between a real piece of fruit vs. a genetically modified and preservative-sprayed one.

But there are some cultivators that are keeping afloat by promising the most natural products, a history of quality and tradition. Not to mention their local customers seem to know the benefits of health and taste when it comes to the most natural. Continue reading

Mixed-feelings on Real Madrid

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Three young Turkish men took the high speed train into Madrid from Barcelona this morning just to see the stadium.

“One player, Mesut Ozil, he’s half Turkish and he speaks the Turkish language!” said Aydin, 24, and his friends affirmed with a nod. “We know all the players. Everyone knows Real Madrid in Turkey. Isn’t it the biggest club in the world?”

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