Jose E. Prieto gives closing speech at the International Quality Summit 2013 celebrated in New York

Closing speech

Jose E. Prieto, president of Business Initiative Directions, delivered an eloquent speech at the closing of the International Quality Summit 2013 convention that was celebrated on May 26th and 27th in the city of skyscrapers: New York. Continue reading

Welcoming Reception opens the International Quality Summit 2013


A perfect communication platform; a breeding ground for new business relations; an ideal place to present a commitment to continuous improvement.

The Welcoming Reception is one of the key events of the International Quality Summit that’s being celebrated in New York City.

This morning, 180 guests have arrived in New York from countries around the world to attend this meeting, in which each business leader has had the chance to explain to the rest of the attendees how they apply Quality to their business plan.

The participants have shown much enthusiasm for this opportunity for growth, bringing them together in one of the most spectacular stages in the world as well as a true international icon: Times Square.



New York gets ready for another global event: the International Quality Summit 2013


The city that never sleeps, the Great Apple, the Empire City or simply, Gotham (where Batman lives)…

These are just some of the nicknames that the most important city in the world has been dubbed: New York.

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