University of Ecuador receives Quality Award in New York City


Edgar Samaniego Rojas, President of the Universidad Central del Ecuador, has been one of the most illustrious guests at the International Quality Summit convention celebrated on May 26th and 27th in New York. Continue reading

For-profit Social Enterprise: A Growing Business Model


Non-profit organisations are generally in a precarious position. They are heavily reliant on major donors and grants. A huge amount of man-power is used in the act of fundraising, which in terms of public campaigns, depends completely on people feeling generous at the exact second in which they are approached by a representative.

As an elite athlete from a small country with a government that gives little to zero funding to my sport, I have done my fair share of fundraising. No matter how awesome you think your idea is, in my experience you can generally only count on making about 10% of what you think you can, and that’s being generous.

Perhaps I am a terrible fundraiser. Or perhaps there is a better way for socially based organisations to operate.

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Jose E. Prieto gives closing speech at the International Quality Summit 2013 celebrated in New York

Closing speech

Jose E. Prieto, president of Business Initiative Directions, delivered an eloquent speech at the closing of the International Quality Summit 2013 convention that was celebrated on May 26th and 27th in the city of skyscrapers: New York. Continue reading