Tata Elxsi, bringing sophistication to engineering


When you bring together creativity, technology and engineering, you get great results. Without even realizing it, the products we consume have made it through a history of darwinism of competing companies.

And in India, there’s a great company that knows this history all too well, and has made it into their true leitmotif.

Tata Elxsi is a great engineering company dedicated to product manufacturing.

Tata Elxsi is part of Tata Group, one of the largest business conglomerates in India whose empire boasts 98 companies and brings in annual revenues of 288 billion dollars.

But Tata Elxsis is more interested in quality engineering than taking counts.

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A look at the India’s Oil Industry


India has a population of over one billion inhabitants.

How does the oil industry manage to supply to a country of these proportions?

Without doubt, the giant oil company’s name is spot-on: IndianOil (IndianOil Corporation) Continue reading

150 years in electrical engineering with an Italian heart from the Ansaldo Energy Company


Talking about Ansaldo Energy means talking about the history of Italy. The company has operated throughout several time periods since the industrial revolution as well as participated in the modern innovations of nuclear energy and renewable energy.

Ansaldo has a long history of efficiency, felixibility and excellence in customer relations which has made them competitive in international markets and what they call «energy with an Italian heart». It’s also a history that brought them to stand out in April of 2008 with the International Star for Leadership in Quality Award, presented by Business Initiative Directions. Continue reading

The Marriott Marquis Hotel watches over the NY skyline


Close your eyes. Imagine you’re eating dinner with all of New York beneath you. The Chrysler building and the Empire State are at a birds-eye-view. Getting a bit of vertigo, right?

Don’t open them yet. Your dream can get even better. If you’re tired of the view of Manhattan, you’ll have the chance to admire new sites every minute. Floor number 48 of the New York  Marriott Hotel boasts one of the world’s most famous and elegant revolving restaurants: The View Restaurant & Lounge. Continue reading

The death of Alfredo Landa revives «landismo» in Spain


139 films and one Palme d’Or in Cannes…

His life has been summed up in one sentence and his achievements in less than a paragraph. Of course epitaphs are never right. But this one is the least: «Goodbye forever, master landa!»

The death of Alfredo Landa at 80 years-old in Madrid has tainted the Spanish stage. Continue reading