Near East University Hospital revolutionizes medical tourism in the North of Cyprus

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For the past three years, Cypriot citizens have been enjoying one of the best health centers in the world: Near East University Hospital. The opening of this institution has marked a turning-point in Cyprus in the 21st century. 

Located in Lefkosa, in Northern Cyprus, the healthcare center has 55,000 square meters in space, 500 employees distributed among 36 departments and a bed capacity of 500 — including 200 individual beds and 22 VIPS. Near East University Hospital also boasts a radiology center equipped with the latest technology.

This leadership in the health sector has turned the country into a travel destination for patients who are looking for the all types of treatment.  Without doubt, the nuclear medicine floor and the radiotherapy center are two of the most sought-after and highly acclaimed features of the hospital, which has turned Cyprus into a reference point in the field of health and medicine.

On April 28th at Business Initiative Directions (B.I.D.)‘s Quality Award Summit held in the InterContinental Hotel in Frankfurt, representatives of the hospital came together to speak on behalf of the institution. Doctor Irfan Gunsel, president of the Board of Shareholders, accompanied by Ahmet Savagan, member of the executive committee, and Kemal Gokeri, representative of TRNC in Berlin, participated in a press conference to present an evaluation of the center.

At the summit, the hospital managers stated the importance of receiving the Gold Trophee for the International Arch of Europe Award 2013, presented by Business Initiative Directions (B.I.D.), an event that will increase visibility for the institution and bring attention from international media.

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