Maestro Joaquín Rodrigo’s Link to Business Initiative Directions

Business Initiative Directions

He rests in a spectacular pantheon in the Aranjuez cemetary, just outside of Madrid, Spain. A remarkable homage by Pablo Serrano marks his place with a cubist sculpture of a guitar.

He was, without a doubt, a genius. One of the gifted. A bright light that shone throughout Spain and spread all over the world.

This is how Joaquín Rodrigo Vidre is remembered, more commonly known as Maestro Rodrigo, perhaps the best composer of classical music that Spain has ever seen.

The renowned Valenciano was born in Sagunto in 1901, and died in Madrid in 1999. He was closely linked to Business Initiative Directions for many years, sharing the same building at number 11 in calle General Yagúe, right in the middle of Madrid. The building’s entrance bears a plaque in his honor.

Maestro Rodrigo virtually lost all his sight at age 3 due to diptheria, but it was this setback that put him on the route towards his life of music. Virtuoso in the piano, violin and solfège, he never grew tired of learning music. He would go on to attend the École Normale de Musique de Paris, and then further continue his studies at the Sorbonne Conservatory.

His most famous composition is El Concierto de Aranjuez, a master piece written for guitar and orchestra, which won him international fame. Subsequently he became a great patron by popularizing the beauty of the Spanish guitar with Fantasía para un gentilhombre.

His daughter Cecilia carries on his legacy through the Fundación Victoria y Joaquín Rodrigo, which she founded in 1999.