La Cruz Azul, a Cooperative that proves that Corporate Social Responsibility can be Profitable


Can economic and social well-being go hand in hand? What if we add sports to this formula, in particular elite football?

In the following lines we will reveal the keys to a business project that has succeeded in uniting all these pieces in an exemplary way.

In October 2010, Business Initiative Directions presented the Quality Award to the Mexican cooperative La Cruz Azul. After more than two centuries of dedication, this cooperative is an example of perfect balance between business success and commitment to society.

La Cruz Azul is one of the largest cement companies in Latin America. It has control over 15% of the cement market in Mexico. It has a market presence in more than ten industrial sectors and also runs six major social projects.

But the success of  La Cruz Azul cannot be explained only by the numbers. The company’s strategy has always included a fundamental element of great importance: cooperativism.

Since its beginnings, the company been aimed at facilitating community growth, both economically and socially. Employment creation and coverage of basic needs such as education or health are a some of the priorities marking the company guidelines.

Time has proved that a responsible vision also works at a commercial level, and from there La Cruz Azul can start talking about passion. Passion, in this company, sprouts from its football team, La Cruz Azul Football Club.

Back in 1927, company workers first went out to have fun playing football. Today the club has in Mexico’s Premier League for over 40 years.

So yes, corporate social responsibility is profitable. From local needs stronger and long-lasting projects emerge. Cooperativism joins forces and generates long-term success.