Companies from around the world present their philosophy on Quality Culture in Frankfurt

business initiative directions

Companies arrived from all corners of the globe to present their work philosophy and their firm commitment to quality.

And they did it in the best possible platform: the  26th International Arch of Europe Award held in the German city of Frankfurt.  

Close to one hundred business representatives took advantage of the welcoming reception to present their criteria and work culture before the guests.

As such, the event turned into an ideal platform for the exchanging of opions and ideas to make new business connections and commercial ties among the attendees.

This commitment to innovation and leadership is the key to each company elected by Business Initiative Directions in light of their unique characterisitics to be dinstiguished by the International B.I.D. Quality Awards in the course of a glamarous ceremony which started at 18:30 in the great conference hall of the Hotel InterContinental of Frankfurt.