Hong Yuen Electronics Ltd., the electronic organs manufacturer in Hong Kong

Printed Circuit BoardWould you know how to define what’s in the image above?

It could be the version of Google Earth of the 22nd century, or a cutting-edge art sculpture, but it’s not. The photo pertains to a particular object that we’ll reveal by the end of this article. Continue reading

Turner Construction’s Formula for Success


How can you successfully optimize processes in a company with 5000 employees and 1,200 active projects? Is there a formula to make all the challenges solve favourably?

Turner Construction International LLC can claim to have found the recipe to make business strategy an exact science.

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Alternative New York: 7 monuments you have never seen in The City


Do you travel to New York often and think you know it well? Have you already seen the 10 essential spots that your tourist guide marks? Have you ever thought that the Statue of Liberty is not as big as it seems in the movies?

Today we will present 7 alternative, slightly different and hidden monuments that you can discover in your next trip to New York. And it is in this endless city where the Annual International Quality Summit Congress organized by Business Initiative Directions will take place on the 26th and 27th of May of 2013, at the New York Marriott Marquis.

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KEPCO backs Smart Grids as the future of global energy


One idea that science fiction has incorporated into our imagination is that science will find an energy source that can meet the needs of our civilization for ever.

But what if the literature is wrong? What if the problem is not finding new renewable energies or sources but rather optimizing available resources so that we don’t waste what we do have? The Korean company Electric Power Corporation has been excited about this idea for a while now.

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Janus Services: quality food products for a continent in a surge of growth


“Miracles”, “the boom of this generation”, “new opportunities”: Spring is set to bring a lot of good news from the African Continent. The region that many have given up on is finally realising well deserved growth rates after a century of economic difficulties.

But nations can’t flourish on interior products alone. The Economist points out in its article Growth and other good things that Africa’s development can also be measured in indices that aren’t exclusively based on the production of goods. Dutch company Janus Services, awarded this year in Geneva by Business Initiative Directions, has much to say on the matter. Continue reading