The difference between people who enjoy their jobs and those who don’t

Business Initiative Directions

David Zax over at Fast Company wrote a piece this week about “job crafters”. These are people who, despite being stuck in a job that lacks stimulation, find a way to give value to their work and actually enjoy it. The piece follows the findings of Yale professor Amy Wrzesniewski, who interviewed countless cleaners at hospitals throughout the country.

When I think of career options and cleaners, I generally (and possibly very inaccurately) consider them to be people who don’t see many other options in terms of choosing their work. In Wrzesniewski’s interviews, many people reflected this idea. They were there for the benefits and they did not particularly enjoy it.

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Microsoft starts Crowdfunding Initiative for Student PCs

Business Initiative Directions

Over the last year or so, crowdfunding has taken off. It started with websites like – where creative projects are pitched to the public, who in turn is able to help fund part of the venture.

The concept has spread to other arenas, such as micro-financing through, or fundraising community projects through the likes of It can even be used to fund a wedding on, or just about anything else, for that matter.

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Company Culture and Customer Service


Everyone knows that customer services is one of the most important factors in a company’s success. Yet why is it that in most parts of the world, you still can’t ring your power/phone/insurance company without having to wait 10 minutes only to then get in an argument with a representative?

How many companies actually run quality assurance on their customer service? Judging from my general experience here in Madrid, I would say relatively few. Here is just one story of countless I could tell you

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3 Steps to better quality


When you have a dream or goal to reach, you generally give your best day in and day out. But giving your best doesn’t always equal achieving the best results, unfortunately.

Here are three ways you can increase the quality of your work to move closer towards better results.

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For-profit Social Enterprise: A Growing Business Model


Non-profit organisations are generally in a precarious position. They are heavily reliant on major donors and grants. A huge amount of man-power is used in the act of fundraising, which in terms of public campaigns, depends completely on people feeling generous at the exact second in which they are approached by a representative.

As an elite athlete from a small country with a government that gives little to zero funding to my sport, I have done my fair share of fundraising. No matter how awesome you think your idea is, in my experience you can generally only count on making about 10% of what you think you can, and that’s being generous.

Perhaps I am a terrible fundraiser. Or perhaps there is a better way for socially based organisations to operate.

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