5 Professions of the future of Spain, without unemployment

Business Initiative Directions

Reinvent yourself or die. Innovate or fail. Adapt or be crushed. There’s only one way out of the crisis.

When it comes to the economy and record-high unemployment, Spain is a gloomy country. However, with the sponsorship of Business Initiative Directions, we’re going to throw a bit of optimism into the mix.

The six million unemployed people have names, families and aspirations. But they don’t have access to the labor market and are struggling to make ends meet.

For most, New Technology is the only bright light in the horizon, with the unlimited reach of the Internet, which is an area of expertise of Imarpress.

For the world we live in, the internet is a revolutionary communication tool. And in turn, it’s going to lead to thousands, or hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

According to a study carried out by a major job placement agency, the most promising 5 professions of the future of Spain are the following:

1. Community Manager: It’s a new profession dedicated to managing and monitoring a business’s online reputation and presence. In short, it’s digital public relations. Community managers must answer and engage in dialogue online, both with clients and users of social media such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, linkedin, etc.

2. SEO or SEM Specialist: They’re the specialists that position your business on top of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing or Altavista, among many others. They’re known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

3. Specialists in Cloud Computing: They’re in charge of design and management of services held in internet Clouds.

4. Digital Marketing Experts: They plan and implement innovative online marketing strategies, dealing with new media and techniques for web promotion such as digital advertising and market research, etc.

5. App Programmers for mobile devices: Designers of innovative applications for Smartphones and Tablets.