114 Billionaires in the Giving Pledge Group

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According to philanthropy.com, 11 new billionaries have made the giving pledge, marking 114 in total. Although the group was orignally founded for the wealthiest Americans, it’s now gone international. Two of the new signers are not from the U.S. — Lord Ashcroft, of the U.K., and Samuel Yin, of Taiwan.

Founded in 2010 by three billionaires — Bill and Melinda Gates, and Warren Buffet — the Giving Pledge is a commitment among the world’s richest individuals and families to give over half of their wealth to charitable causes. By joining together as a group, these money-giants exchange ideas and expose their efforts in a platform where they can help each other use their money for the greater good. And it’s working.

In Warren Buffet‘s pledge, he states: “Were we to use more than 1% of my claim checks (Berkshire Hathaway stock certificates) on ourselves, neither our happiness nor our well-being would be enhanced. In contrast, that remaining 99% can have a huge effect on the health and welfare of others.”

In his letter, Buffet also stresses that the pledge not only commits you to give money to organizations such as schools, Churches and hospitals, but also to devote time to teach, speak and participate in areas where others can benefit.

One of the most written-abut 11 new billionaires to make the pledge is Sara Blakely, the 42-year-old founder of the women’s undergarment company, Spanx. In an article in CCNMoney’s Fortune section, Sara Blakely stated: «Since I was a little girl I have always known I would help women. In my wildest dreams I never thought I would have started with their butts.»

Philanthropy is one of the key points of Business Initiative Directions QC100 model for total quality management. As you look through the giving pledge’s website and read the stories of these billionaires who have made pledges to give their wealth away to causes they believe in, it’s evident that this group is one of the leading philanthropic organizations today.

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